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Mushrooms are nutritious with lots of healthy benefits. They are also brilliant if you are on a diet. This dish uses lots of herbs and spices to enhance the flavour of mushrooms.



Mouth-watering Chicken is a well-known spicy Sichuan dish. It was one of the famous poet and write, Guo Moruo's, favourite dishes. he recollected that eating the white chicken meat in bright red chill sauce in his youth always made his mouth water. Hence the name of the dish.


Dong Po Su (1037-1101) was a well-known poet and gourmand during the Song Dynasty. In 1090 he was sent to Hangzhou to deal with a flood in the West Lake area. Dong Po built the Su Embankment and solved the flood problem. The local people were very grateful for his great work. They knew that his favourite dish was pork stew and sent him lots of pork and the local Shaoxing Wine as presents. Dong Po instructed his chef to cook the mountainous pork using his hometown method and then sent the dish to the people for them to sample it along with the wine. The chef misheard his instructions and cooked the pork with the wine and produced this famous Dong Po Pork.